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“We have this really fun game where we’re trying to name your fanbase, so we came up with some fun names. Are they most likely to be called The Snowflakes, Brittany’s Blizzard, or are they your Snow Angels?”


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8. Why do you love Brittany?

Talking about her professional life, I must admit that I have seen some of her projects when I was a kid and I always liked her work. Maybe The Pacifier isn’t an excellent movie but was one of my favourite movies when I was a kid and since the first moment I was totally in love with Brittany, don’t ask me why. She is an amazing actress and, of course, you don’t have to like her, but let’s face it, she does a very good work anywhere. In the other hand, she’s a wonderful person. We all have struggle behind, it’s part of our own history, but when you are able to get trough that and build something so important like Love is Louder, it’s really amazing and deserves acknowledgement. Yes, for me she is very inspirational, in a lot of ways, and that is why I love her. And her artistic side too, talking about photography and other things, but that is because I love those things too..

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